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Reach The Resolution You Want In A Business Dispute

Last updated on September 6, 2023

If your legal needs require a firm with stability, integrity and exceptional attorneys, turn to us. At Tour-Sarkissian Law Offices, LLP, we are committed to professional excellence, quality of service and client loyalty. As a firm with multilingual attorneys who understand the scope of running a business and protecting your interests.

We understand that with the correct strategy many issues can be resolved quickly and cost-effectively before they become complicated and costs escalate. Our experience involves diverse civil and commercial trial practice with legal representation before various courts, including California state courts and the federal bankruptcy courts. Work with the proven litigation team, since 1950 at Tour-Sarkissian Law Offices, LLP. Call 415-626-7744 to take the first step to resolution.

Flexible, Creative Solutions To Business Law Matters

Not every business matter needs to be handled by a huge firm with an equally huge overhead. In fact, most business issues and disputes, even “tough” cases, can be effectively resolved by a small team who has the commitment, integrity and know-how to achieve satisfactory and efficient resolution.

Our litigation attorneys have extensive case-handling experience. We look for strategies that will be aggressive when necessary and effective. We take your financial restraints into account as well as your ultimate goal for the situation. The most creative and workable solution often originates from an agile and versatile team. We also understand that making a decision in one area of your life or business can affect other areas. Here is where our guidance often becomes most valuable. Our litigation services include:

If an early settlement cannot be achieved, we turn to our experience in litigation to advocate on behalf of our clients and to counsel and guide our clients through each step of the litigation.

Work With A Team Who Looks At Issues From All Angles

To ensure that your legal matter receives the attention and focus from a team of committed and experienced attorneys, call Tour-Sarkissian Law Offices, LLP. To learn more about how we can help you, we invite you to schedule an appointment by calling us at 415-626-7744. Alternatively, you can reach us online.