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We Can Help Assess And Divide Complex Assets

Last updated on September 6, 2023

When an individual is in the midst of a divorce, he or she is often concerned with what assets will be divided and how they will be divided. Division of property is usually a contentious issue during divorce and becomes escalated when there are more assets involved. When the case involves international divorce or when the couple has assets located overseas, division of assets becomes even more complicated. Laws governing the division of assets during divorce vary by state.

The family law attorneys at Tour-Sarkissian Law Offices, LLP, explain to each client the difference between community, marital and separate property, and how those distinctions affect his or her situation. Our team of family law attorneys is led by Christine Tour-Sarkissian, a certified family law specialist with The State Bar of California and someone who is deeply familiar with the interplay between family law and international law.

Lawyers Dedicated To Protecting Our Clients’ Interests

Our extensive experience includes helping clients divide the following types of assets and liabilities:

  • Assets, including assets located overseas
  • Debts
  • Real estate
  • Business holdings
  • Other complex holdings

We use experts to conduct business valuations and real estate appraisals to ensure that asset division is fair and accurate, thus protecting our clients’ interests. Our meticulous and detail-oriented approach to property division is designed to protect our clients’ interests so they receive fair shares of marital assets.

Assets located outside the United States present an additional level of complexity, especially if the asset is real estate. Our attorneys have the knowledge and resources necessary for fair division of overseas assets.

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To learn more about our practice and to schedule an appointment with one of our San Francisco attorneys for complex division of assets during a divorce, we invite you to contact us online or call us at 415-626-7744.